The Pergola Agava SL product is a bioclimatic pergola consisting of aluminum components, columns, beams and rotating slats. The pergola is made in accordance with the harmonized standard SIST EN 13561. In accordance with this standard, we are issuing the technical approval and the CE marking. The declared property, according to the standard, is wind resistance up to class 3. The declaration of conformity is part of Instructions for use and maintenance.

A bioclimatic pergola as a shade differs from the ordinarily built canopies with a traditional roof, which, according to building laws and regulations, must withstand loads according to the regulations and the location of installation. The bioclimatic pergola is a shade where the blades must be opened in the event of heavy loads (wind, snow, etc.), which is stated in the Price list, The instructions for use and maintenance and the Catalog. The load-bearing capacity with closed blades is stated with the help of ready-made charts in the Price list and depends on the dimensions of the pergola. The charts show the functional load-bearing capacity of the blades (displacement of 1/200 of the span), depending on the additional load and the selected blade length. Depending on the desired load-bearing capacity, different pergola types can be selected (160/28, 170/28, 170/36, 240/36, 240/60). The user is obliged to comply with and apply the Instructions for use and maintenance and prevent loads that would not be in accordance with the limited functional load-bearing capacity. Soltec thus provides the Instructions for use and maintenance and, as an aid, offers electronic solutions with a weather sensor that ensures that the slats open automatically in the event of heavy snow loads or wind.

The functional load-bearing capacity of the blades, which represents the condition indicating a suspension of 1/200 of the span, is also in accordance with the displacement limit recommended by Eurocode for load-bearing elements of roofs (SIST EN 1990). When the displacements are not of key functional importance, they may be larger, in accordance with the agreement with the client. The calculated displacement due to own weight, together with the permitted additional load according to the chart, is 1/200 of the length. With this condition and in this respect, the Agava pergola is also designed and complies with the provisions of Eurocodes that otherwise apply to built roofs.