Many thanks for your valued enquiry & keen interest in becoming a regional distributer for bioclimatic pergola Agava and carport Agava products.

We are very excited about the prospect of appointing you as a distributer for our products in your region. As you would expect, we wish to appoint distributers that are capable of providing a professional extension to the Sotec products brand and are driven to deliver commercial success.

Our goal is that Soltec distributers are fully committed and operate in the same way that Soltec would. In order to make sure that there is complete alignment between us, we kindly request that you provide us with some further information about your enquiry.

And what you will receive in return if we agree to work together!

  • Dedicated developer & producer of high quality outdoor living products
  • the diversity of models and flexibility in relation to buyers
  • simple ordering with the online configurator
  • simple installation of standard pergola modules
  • technical support while ordering
  • installation training
  • EU and CE approved and certificated products

What we need from you:

Registration for new distributors

Login for existing distributors