Own production
Through our own development and production, we create state-of-the-art products.
Technological perfection
This modular design provides different technological solutions that have been tailored to perfection: invisible joints, integral lighting, hidden grooves for drainage.
Modern design
The minimalist design of this pergola completes your outside space, adding a sense of modernity and allowing it to blend with the environment.
Full protection
This innovative design and solid construction provide protection against rain, snow and sunshine, as well as stability in windy conditions.

Shade / sun on click

Mobile houses with a bioclimatic terrace provide above-standard holidays.

A bioclimatic terrace consists of the a base, security balcony fences and a shelter with rolling strips. We can further shade it with the use of ZIP blinds and sliding panels.

With the minimalist design, we can adjust a mobile house to your needs completely.

By using the Agava bioclimatic terrace, you will transform a campsite into a luxury holiday destination and satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Full protection in all weather conditions

Protection from the sun


Temperature regulation

Protection from rain, draining of excess water

Stability in
windy conditions

Protection from

with one click